“Pull off at the next intersection!”

Last night a little before sundown, Nick and I had a super close call. We were drifting our usual spot for a few passes back and forth in my car. As we were heading out of the complex a security guard pulled his cruiser out into the road to block us from leaving. Everything fell into place within a second. My car had been sitting near the road for a couple days prior and we drift there daily. They caught onto us and this guy was about to catch us. We didn’t have enough speed to 180 at this point so I came to a stop a few feet from the car. Just as he stepped out of the car I saw there was enough room to get past the front of the cruiser on the left. I dropped into gear and peeled around him as he stared in disbelief. He gave chase for maybe a block and stopped. Now Flying down the narrow road and barely slowing down to make the turn onto the main street, I see the cruiser disappear in my rear-view. We weren’t off yet. Security guards have the local police on speed dial. We assumed that the description of my car was all over their scanners that instant. We considered pulling off some place secluded and laying low for a bit, but opted to make a straight and fast dash for home. We made it a couple blocks in light traffic to a red light. My foot was still shaking a bit as I depressed the clutch. I glanced up into the oncoming lane and froze. I saw the silhouette of a new charger with lights and all sitting at the light facing us. I felt somewhat safe being tucked in between traffic. His light turned green and we were still stopped waiting for ours. As he passed by he turned his head and looked straight at us. I felt my heart beat in slow motion when I saw his brake lights come on in my side mirror. He made a U-turn. Our light turned green. We knew he was after us. With one car between us and a fuck-load of trouble I drive as carefully as possible. After one block he flips on his lights. Every car except for us pulls off the road, cause I knew what he wanted. His voice blares over the loudspeaker,”Pull off at the next intersection!.” We know we’re in deep shit. I pull off and come to a stop and the cop gets out immediately. I expect the next command to be, “get out, hands on the car!” He calmly asks where my front license plate is. I tell him my “painting my bumper” spiel and he communicates a code into his radio. He walks back to his car with my documents and I mumble to Nick, “he’s trying to keep it cool til back up arrives. We’re fucked.” I keep looking into the mirror to see more patrol cars and the security guard. The cop returns with my documents and says, “Get that bumper back on there and have a good night.” This is my 17th time getting pulled over since I got the car (only 1 ticket ever). Nick and I start smirking as he walks away and start to laugh uneasily as I start the car. Not going back to that spot for a few weeks…

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