This is a blog run by Albert Skoczylas and Nick Roa: The “Red Gorrillaz”.
We post pictures of our cars, our friend’s cars and other cool car related pictures. We’re trying to post all original content, but we aren’t photographers, so there will be some reblogging.

The Red Gorillaz:

Albert: 1991 Nissan 240sx S13

HKS Hipermax 3 suspension

HKS Sport Exhuast and Blitz downpipe and test pipe

S15 silvia Helical LSD

Bride Zeta 2 FRP seat

Energy Suspension subframe bushings

Hicas 21mm rear sway bar

Z32 na wheels and Crown vic hpp wheels

Q45 brakes

J30 front 5 lug and z32 rear 5lug

s13 blacktop sr20

Nick: 1984 Toyota (celica) Supra A60

Rebuilt 5m engine

stripped interior

Raptor racing/custom suspension setup with agx dampeners

Artistic Paint job

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