Catch up on the white car

This is a picture catch up on what’s happened with the white m30 over the last year. The last picture is how it currently looks now.



Gone Forever.


Got T-boned making a left at a green light a few weeks ago. The guy came flying out of the dark with no headlights.I made a decent amount of cash back from his insurance and will be transplanting the entire power-train/drive-train into my new chassis.


There’s no hope for the old chassis as it is shaped like a banana at the moment. Also, my HKS coilovers were destroyed. It’s pretty heartbreaking to see my work end up like this. I started working entire summers and during school doing manual labor in the 8th grade to save for this car. The attention to detail came down to things like $100 nismo bolts for the ring gear on the LSD. I didn’t cut a single corner on this car and most likely would have never sold it if it didn’t end up like this. On the bright side I will be building up a pretty fresh and unique chassis to continue drifting.


R.I.P s13 you will be missed.