Sa22c Build


Sa22c Build

What’s up guys, I’m Korpsey and I’m a new moderator for the RG blog. I’m beginning my first ever build of my ’85 RX7 FB and I’m more than excited to dig my hands under the hood of this little thing.

And what’s under the hood? An ancient carbed 12A. This thing was an amazing piece of innovation for its time, being one of the first commercial rotaries available to consumers but now it’s pretty much a piece of junk. We reconnected most of the emission lines because the previous owner had stuffed some of them up with bolts or spark plugs. Imbecile. So the plan is to go fuel injected with the twin turbo 13B out of the FD as soon as possible, doubling the amount of HP the Sa makes.

Here’s the fun part. Not. First you have to spray starter fluid into the air filter or else the engine won’t even start. It takes about 15 minutes to warm up, holding in the Choke and pumping the gas, then it probably takes another 10 minutes of driving around until it has enough power to idle on it’s own. It makes very little power and burns a lot of oil too. This is why the 12A has got to go.

The stock interior is in fair condition but as soon as I get the new engine it’s all coming out. Whatever is unnecessary to performance will go; carpet, trim, panels, etc.

In the long run the Sa should have a redesigned suspension system in compensation for the solid rear axle. The factory height is hideous in the rear and should definitely be running a reverse-rake in my opinion. My baby is going to be low, you know?

If you’re familiar with Nick’s build then you would know the iconic paint job that it sports. Well that was done by me and once my little Sa has got the new motor I will be doing a similar paint scheme with drawings and graffiti all over, but that’s going to be a little while from now.

The Sa is a rare car to build and that’s what makes me so interested in it. I hope that you’ll keep up with the project and watch it flourish.

Until next time~