Gone Forever.


Got T-boned making a left at a green light a few weeks ago. The guy came flying out of the dark with no headlights.I made a decent amount of cash back from his insurance and will be transplanting the entire power-train/drive-train into my new chassis.


There’s no hope for the old chassis as it is shaped like a banana at the moment. Also, my HKS coilovers were destroyed. It’s pretty heartbreaking to see my work end up like this. I started working entire summers and during school doing manual labor in the 8th grade to save for this car. The attention to detail came down to things like $100 nismo bolts for the ring gear on the LSD. I didn’t cut a single corner on this car and most likely would have never sold it if it didn’t end up like this. On the bright side I will be building up a pretty fresh and unique chassis to continue drifting.


R.I.P s13 you will be missed.


so this past weekend my good friend aaron and i took a little trip to PARC (Pats acres racing complex). i learned a lot about my car given that i’ve never had an ebrake prior to this track and i’ve never needed to left-foot brake before. overall it was an amazing time!

the track layout for parc. the short crossover sections were blocked off so we drove the whole track.

track was a bit tough at first and i got a little crazy and got stuck lol. after that it was game on

me dirt dropping.

aaron and i getting in some tandems

aaron getting crazzy as usual and hitting that 3 wheel motion!

i found that having to use an ebrake was a lot less natural feeling than i hoped it would be but i figured it out by the end of the day. my car did wind up taking a huge beating though! i broke every single rubber exhaust hanger! ohh well such is the life of a drift car 🙂

for a full picture gallery check out thats siiick and hopefully i’ll get some decent videos up here soon too!


you could call this an intro i suppose.

well i should start off with my name i suppose. my names alex, i’m 22 (23 in 14 days), and i drive a pile of sh*t hatchback s13! i was first introduced into drifting back in ca around the same time as tokyo drift came out, although that wasn’t the intro. if i remember correctly, tony angelo and jtp came to uti and did a “demo” in the back lot. initially i wasn’t as intrigued as i was with road racing and auto cross. then i moved to washington state where my friend would take me to our local track. once again i was impressed but not intrigued. then i hopped in a car. game over. i was hooked. 2 years later and i bought my first project.

1989 s13 hatchback with a ka24de swapped in already. bought it barely running on bald tires. ultimate goal was immediate 1jz swap. better judgement was keep the dual cam, and rock it hard. went with the footwork first.

coils and adjustable arms. nothing fancy, gr+ coils and fortune auto adjustable arms. kept the car at a functioning height as i’m not a fan of low. looks cool but not for me. then i got a fantastic deal from garage autohero

and with that deal, knuckles came into play! also got some new steer tires and a decent alignment. and so the car went on for a bit. swapped out power doors for manual doors, the car got gutted and i rattle canned it. i figured it was fitting seeing as this car is meant to be driven hard and aggressively. a missle car if you will 🙂

http://vimeo.com/49581079 <——— that lead to…

and thats a bit about me and my car!


Prep for Packwood



Cut up my fender liners and used the pieces to cover up the cavity behind the fender. No more digging out clumps of leaves.


Also did an alignment on Alex’s car to prepare for Packwood this weekend.James got another Mr2. This one’s an AW11 with a diamond in the rough. A silver top 4age that’s built and boosted.

Notched my strut towers to get some more camber.

I’ve also been mounting tires like crazy and I’m almost ready for this two day event. 🙂


S13 steering mods


Got an OMP 60mm spacer combined with a Works bell 30mm spacer. Steering wheel is right in my lap. 🙂


Finally got a handbrake button.



Hella H4 housings with bulbs. I’m planning on doing HID’s in these soon, but for now I’m very happy with the quality of these lights. Awesome cutoff and If you can’t tell the stock light is on the right side in the picture.


Got a new jack and stands as wellImageImageImage

Rod spacers. Difficult to tell from the picture, but it spaces out the tie rods from the Rack to give you a good 5 or more degrees of lock.


Hipermax III’s still looking good.


Alignment has to be done after putting in the tie rod spacers.