Open Drift and 21 Questions: Dpomp

Did a small media project for a communications class using pictures from Open Drift and interviewing Derrik Pompeo. The interview didn’t make it into the project, so I’m sharing it here:


Albert: “You’ve been drifting for a long time. Can you remember a specific moment when you decided this is your thing?”
Derrrik: “I remember when I was about 15; buying a 240 for my first car I wanted to go drifting and own a 240. There was no other car I wanted and it had to be a 240sx. Going to evergreen about the same time I saw an open drift and people slightly older than me where out there on the track. I wanted to do it so bad.”


Albert: “People say that you’re very modest. In the life of a drifter there are many humbling mistakes and decisions that we make. What are some of your most humbling experiences in drifting?”
Derrrik: “The say “one more lap” or getting over confident on an entry. Last Villians event I over did the speed and spun the car around backwards into a wall destroying a lot of parts but walked away un-hurt.”


Albert: “What are some humbling experiences in the process of building your car?”
Derrrik: “I would have to say that body work and body kits don’t last long at all and you should build the car to your liking. If you want it low make it low and if you want it fast make it fast. There is no right or wrong in drifting its all about style: probably the only motor sport where style really counts.”

DSCN1448 gf with food.JPG

Albert: “Many people look up to your style in the drift scene and want to have a similar impact themselves. What advice would you give them about life/style?”
Derrrik: “I don’t drink or smoke and I spend most of my time figuring out where or when I want to drive and prepare the car the best I can.”

DSCN1454 aaron and travis.JPG

Albert: “The drift community has been inspired by countless past drivers and styles that some have forgotten. Which people would you say have inspired you most along the path?”
Derrrik: “Some cars and styles I like are koguchi, haraguchi, and daigo saito. The first two for their styling of the cars and daigo for extreme hp and driving. The most exciting driver is naoki by far with the reverse entry.”

DSCN1490 squat behind door.JPG

Albert: “Your car has gone through many transformations in appearance over the years. Do you have a favorite iteration? if so, why?”
Derrrik: “I would have to say the next appearance will be the greatest of all: new body kit and wing are on the way from japan right now. I will debut the car at final bout SSW”

DSCN1456 under hood close up.JPG

Albert: “How many different engines have you had in this car? Which were your favorites and why?”
Ka24e 140hp
S14 sr20det 220hp
Built s14 sr20det 420hp
VVl sr20vet 600hp
2jz vvti 700hp
“I like the 2jz because it has insane amounts of tq and hp and I personally love how it sounds and how reliable it has been for me drifting.”

DSCN1461 messing with gauges exterior.JPG

Albert: “We meet many people in this comminuty that are either lessons or blessings to us. What are the types of people to keep around? What are the types of people to watch out for?”
Derrrik: “People I would say I like to stay around are the people I go to the track with and people I have known for years. Most of the sketchy people come from other car scenes and are only there to sell fake parts or to make a buck; they don’t actucally like the sport. The people who stick around and become the community are the good people who help eachother out.”

DSCN1503 re-enter 2.JPG

Albert: “Many of the older people we’ve met in the community have dropped knowledge on us. Who would you say you’ve learned the most from? Has anyone helped to teach you that you want to thank?”
Derrrik: “I think Ray has been my most influential person. He showed me how a motor works and how to have an eye for perfection.”


Albert: “What’s your take on seat time vs wrenching?”
Derrrik: “Advice I would give is that you need a lot of time for repairs and maintenance but if your car is lower hp: less maintence and less tires to burn through”

DSCN1525 tire change.JPG

Albert: “You take a huge amount of pride in the bodywork of your car and have done some custom work. What is the most difficult?”
Derrrik: “Most difficult was blocking the whole care making it perfect for paint I am a painter at a body shop in Bellevue and Im really picky about bodywork and paint. I like my car to be perfect but in reality it will never be perfect if I keep drifting it”


Albert: ” What’s your favorite position and why? lead or follow?”
Derrrik: “I prefer to chase drivers that I know well.”


Albert: “Worst street drifting close call.”
Derrrik: “Street drifting while leading six cars and the throttle cable snapped on initiation.”


Albert: “Best street drifting close call?”
Derrrik: “Being able to ditch the car that same night and come back with a spare throttle cable.”

DSCN1533 ball joint woes.JPG

Albert: “You’ve come accross some super rare parts in your searches for this build. What are some of your best scores? How did you get them?”
Derrrik: “I got a BN sport inverted hatch on a random craigslist find in florida and my head light from japan. Those are some of my best come ups and they weren’t cheap but they sure make my car stand out.”

DSCN1502 re-entering track.JPG

Albert: ” Have you been caught up street drifting?”
Derrrik: “Yes”

DSCN1514 leading tandem.JPG

Albert: ” What’s your favorite technique for initiating a drift?”
Derrrik: “feint drift while using momentum”

DSCN1507 ambigous smoke.JPG

Albert: ” Do you have to know someone to tandem with them?”
Derrrik: “Yes”

DSCN1517 finish line smoked.JPG

Albert: ” How does wet/dry drifting compare for you?”
Derrrik: “I prefer drifting in the dry and find the only benefit to driving in the wet is saving $ on tires.”

DSCN1538 Rival Helmets.JPG

Albert: ” If you had to drift one other chassis what would it be?”
Derrrik: “s15 or r34 2 door ”

DSCN1480 back to pit.JPG

DSCN1546 hang out in the pits.JPG

DSCN1548 hang out in the pits.JPG

DSCN1577 onto trailer.JPG

DSCN1595 leaving (dark).JPG

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